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Why do you need IdleBuster?

As an employee, you may have experienced periods of time where you are expected to be available for work but are not actively using your computer. Whether you’re a telecommuter, remote worker, data entry professional, call center representative, or freelancer, it’s essential to get paid for all the hours you work. However, time trackers may record these periods of inactivity as low activity, potentially impacting your pay or performance reports. That’s where “IdleBuster” comes in. With its ability to simulate human-like mouse movements, keyboard activity, and change the active app on the screen, this app can trick time trackers into recording your computer as active, ensuring that you receive proper payment for all the hours you work, including periods of waiting or thinking. So, whether you’re facing long periods of downtime or simply want to make sure you get paid for all the hours you work, “IdleBuster” is the solution you need.

Here’s how IdleBuster Could help you.

Human-Like Activity

App and Tab Switching



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IdleBuster or Work Stress? You Decide...

Wow your clients: Improve your professional image by consistently appearing active. Increase your Chances of rehiring, Ace Algorithms & boom your financial status with IdleBuster.

Embrace freedom: Break free from the shackles of constant judgment by time trackers. Relieve your stress of being monitored every second & allow juice of your creativity to flow.

Guilt-free breaks: Enjoy short breaks without any fear – necessary for your mental health and let IdleBuster take care of time trackers by auto-activating and doing its magic…

No more limitations: Take control of your work day, set your own priorities & decide on your own terms – when to work… Enjoy a more flexible & fulfilling work environment with IdleBuster.

Supercharge your output: Research study by shows that stress inhibits productivity… And constantly being judged by time trackers is a serious cause of stress & anxiety…

Relieve your stress of being constantly active on screen & Skyrocket your productivity. Do more work in less time…

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...It cleverly simulates activity during idle moments, helping me make the most of my work hours. Thanks to IdleBuster, I've saved valuable time and seen a noticeable increase in my income...
Sabrina J. Perez
...It's so helpful and has allowed me to take restful breaks without worrying about my productivity. I've been using this tool for over a 3 months now, and I've never had a problem with my employer. Overall, I highly recommend IdleBuster...
It's a great tool to boost up your productivity, helps reduce idle time and untraceable by most of the time tracking softwares

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