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Maximize Your Earnings: How IdleBuster Can Improve Your Time Tracking Reports

Introducing IdleBuster: the game-changing app that maintains high activity levels even during non-active periods, tricking time trackers into thinking you're constantly engaged. Improve time tracking reports and avoid misunderstandings with your employer. Available for Windows with a 14-day free trial.

In the contemporary world of remote work, tracking productivity has become a crucial aspect. Tools for tracking time and activities have gained massive popularity among employers. They serve to monitor the tasks an employee is undertaking, thereby promoting efficiency and productivity. However, these tools may not always reflect the true state of affairs, creating a need for a solution – IdleBuster.

IdleBuster is an innovative application designed to keep your computer active even when you’re away. It achieves this by simulating various actions on your computer that mimic your activities. This ensures you’re considered productive, even when you’re taking that much-needed break.

The Problem with Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking tools use diverse mechanisms to monitor your activity. For instance, they could record keystrokes, mouse movements, and periodically take screenshots of your computer screen. The aim is to ensure that the employee is focused on the task at hand and is contributing their time effectively.

However, this continuous monitoring can become an issue. There may be periods when you’re thinking, reading, or strategizing – activities that don’t necessarily require keyboard strokes or mouse movements. Yet, such idle moments, vital for creativity and problem-solving, may negatively affect your activity scores on time trackers.

The Solution: Introducing IdleBuster

Enter IdleBuster, the game-changing app that ensures your activity levels remain high, even during your non-active periods. IdleBuster emulates human activity on your computer, thus tricking time trackers into thinking you’re constantly engaged. It simulates mouse movements and keystrokes at random intervals, mimicking the natural patterns of human behavior.

Beyond that, IdleBuster takes subtlety to the next level. It can randomly switch between active apps on your screen or toggle among open browser tabs. This makes your activities seem more authentic, as it creates the impression of multitasking. The brilliance of IdleBuster lies in its ability to maintain your activity scores without making it obvious that a simulation tool is in use.

Benefits of Using IdleBuster

With IdleBuster, your time tracking reports are bound to improve drastically. Since the tool maintains high activity levels, even during your passive moments, time trackers will consistently show impressive engagement levels. This helps avoid any potential misunderstandings with your employer regarding your commitment and productivity.

Moreover, the ability of IdleBuster to circumvent screenshot monitoring is another significant benefit. Since the application changes active apps and browser tabs, it creates a dynamic digital environment. This means even when screenshots are taken, they will display different activities, providing the impression of continual engagement and diverse task handling.

Availability and Free Trial

IdleBuster is currently available on Windows, but support for MacOS and Linux is coming soon. This wide operating system compatibility ensures that a vast majority of users can benefit from its features. It’s more than just a tool; it’s an assistant that helps you maintain your digital presence seamlessly.

IdleBuster offers a 14-day free trial that allows you to test its features and see the difference it can make. You can cancel at any time during the trial period without any obligations. This reflects our confidence in the application and our commitment to user satisfaction.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. How does IdleBuster trick time trackers?

IdleBuster uses various techniques to mimic human activity on your computer, thereby tricking time trackers. It can simulate mouse movements and keystrokes, switch between active apps, and rotate among open browser tabs. All these activities give an impression of continual engagement, which can effectively trick time tracking applications.

2. What features does IdleBuster offer to simulate user activity?

IdleBuster offers a variety of features including simulation of mouse movements and keystrokes, automatic switching between active apps, and toggling among open browser tabs. These actions emulate the natural patterns of human activity, helping to maintain high scores on time trackers.

3. How does IdleBuster simulate keyboard and mouse activities?

IdleBuster simulates keyboard and mouse activities by randomly generating keystrokes and mouse movements. The frequency and pattern of these activities are designed to mirror natural human behavior, which helps in convincing the time trackers that the user is actively engaged in their work.

4. Can IdleBuster change active apps and browser tabs?

Yes, one of the features of IdleBuster is its ability to switch between active apps and rotate among open browser tabs. This creates an illusion of multitasking and keeps the visual aspect of your activity dynamic and varied, which is beneficial when time trackers take screenshots for monitoring purposes.

5. How does IdleBuster manage to produce good time tracking reports?

By constantly simulating user activity, IdleBuster ensures that the activity levels recorded by time trackers remain high. This means that time tracking reports will reflect a constant level of engagement, thereby improving your perceived productivity.

6. What operating systems support IdleBuster?

Currently, IdleBuster is available for Windows. However, the developers are working on expanding support to MacOS and Linux operating systems in the near future.

7. Is there a free trial for IdleBuster?

Yes, IdleBuster offers a 14-day free trial. This allows users to test out the features and effectiveness of the application before deciding to continue with a paid subscription. The trial can be cancelled at any time, without any obligations.

8. How does IdleBuster’s automatic detection and run feature work?

IdleBuster has a feature that allows it to detect when there is no activity on the computer for a set period of time. Once this period of inactivity is detected, IdleBuster automatically starts simulating user activity to maintain high activity levels on time trackers.

9. What benefits can I expect from using IdleBuster?

Using IdleBuster can result in improved time tracking reports, maintenance of high activity levels during passive moments, circumvention of screenshot monitoring, and a general increase in your perceived productivity and engagement.

10. How can IdleBuster help me improve my earnings?

By improving your time tracking reports and maintaining high activity levels, IdleBuster can help create a perception of higher productivity. This could potentially lead to better performance evaluations, job security, and even promotions or pay raises in performance-based work environments.


With IdleBuster, you can say goodbye to the constant stress of maintaining high activity levels on time trackers. Whether you’re taking a break, reading, strategizing, or simply resting, IdleBuster ensures your activity scores remain impressive. This innovative solution allows you to focus on your work without the constant worry of activity trackers. As we’ve seen, IdleBuster isn’t just an app; it’s your partner in maximizing productivity and earnings. Why not

take advantage of the free trial today and see the difference it can make?

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